What is Ummati Cemetery

Not everyone can afford the cost of burial, which is no less than $5000.00 in any other cemetery in all of Ontario. We give you the plot for free. You only pay $700.00 for the opening and closing, and the marker $300.00 is optional.

Can I Reserve a Plot

Because the plots are not for sale, the plots cannot be reserved or pre-booked. We make the plots available free of cost to those who need them whenever they need them. If your time of need hasn't come yet, wait.

Who do I contact for burial in Ummati Cemetery

You will contact your local Masjid who will make all the funeral arrangements. When they ask you, "Where would you like the burial to be?" You tell them, "Ummati Cemetery". Then they will contact us and send you to our office in Bowmanville to fill out the necessary paperwork.

How Can It Cost $0.00 For Burial At Ummati Cemetery?

This whole land was purchased and donated as a Waqf, charitable endowment. Our Charity Number is 709663488RR0001 It cannot be sold in whole or in part. Continuous maintenance is done through ongoing community charities.

Where Is Ummati Cemetery?

Ummati Cemetery is conveniently located right off the 401 East at Exit 497 right at the "Big Apple", approximately 45 minutes from Oshawa. The exact address and location will be made available upon the completion of the permit application.

Who Is Considered A Muslim?

For our Cemetery purposes, A Muslim is any individual who had recited the kalima, "La ilaaha Illallahu Muhammadur Rasulullah" and left this world not having denied this same kalima openly, unquestionably.

Ummati Cemetery Does Not Provide Funeral Services:

  • (Washing the body,
  • Transporting the Body, and
  • Janaza Salaat).

For these services you will have to contact your local Masjid

Masjid Alhakeem Bowmanville

Masjid Alwadood Orono

Pickering Islamic Center - Pickering

Masjid Quba - Ajax

Ummah Masjid - Oshawa

Oshawa Islamic Center - Oshawa

Current Project Target

ALHAMDOLILLAH THE LAND HAS BEEN PURCHASED. We are now preparing the land and completing the permit process. 

We are also collecting $100 thousand to establish the Care & Maintenance Fund as part of the permit requirement. 

We are registered as a Federal Non Profit organization and are also a REGISTERED CHARITY with Revenue Canada. Our CHARITY NUMBER IS 709663488RR0001

Funding Status

$30,000 / $100,000

Some facts

All Muslim Cemetery

The Comfort of knowing that you are surrounded by Believers until the Day of Judgement.

Our Lots are Not Sold and Cannot Be Pre Reserved.

They are made available at the time of Need.

The most you can do is indicate in your Will that you would like to be burried at Ummati Resting Grounds

First Muslim Project of its Kind

There is Nothing similar to this facility in all of Eastern Ontario. Something Muslims should have been working on for a long tiime.

Let your relatives and local masjid know that you would prefer to be buried at Ummati Resting Grounds

Helping in time of need

The distress of losing a family member is hard enough. On top of that having to come up with $7,000 up front payment for burial???

It's Where We Are Headed

If you help out today to assist another, Allah will make sure that you are also well taken care of when your time comes.

At Ummati Resting Grounds, You Only pay for Labour/Maintenance and The Name Plate!

$700 Open/Close
$300 Name Plate

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